Dick Vitale Banned Hooters Commercial Airing Was NCAA Officials Biggest Day One Concern

VITALE’S BANNED HOOTERS AD ESCAPES NCAA CLUTCHES: The INDIANAPOLIS STAR reports on the NCAA “monitoring room” nerve center, which keeps tabs in real-time on all things NCAA Tournament - including officiating, webcasts, security, and commercials.

The monitors are made up of the very top NCAA officers, and have “access to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and local law enforcement at each of the eight first-round sites. They had a 243-page operations manual and an administrative manual labeled ‘confidential’“.

Dick Vitale's Banned NCAA Tournament Commercial

So amid fan complaints over faulty webcast feeds, locked-up websites hosting online pools and CBS’ confusing graphics and other assorted goofs, what did the NCAA focus on for Day One of the Big Dance?

Dick Vitale’s Hooters commercial:

Dick Vitale's Banned NCAA Tournament Commercial

The group had early banned the commercial from airing during the Big Dance because membership “thought the characterization of women was inappropriate.” But somehow, despite the NCAA’s ban, the TV spot was played (more than once) and the NCAA group “wasn’t clear how the ad had made it on the air.”

And speaking of all-important duties, the monitoring group also “times the alcohol commercials to make sure they stayed under the
NCAA’s standard
” of one minute per hour.

If this isn’t proof that the NCAA knows what’s good for us, I don’t know what is.