Dickie V Back w/ESPN Just In Time For Duke-UNC

Time to break out the earplugs again, as Dick Vitale makes his return to ESPN tonight.

Dickie V will be at the Dean Dome for the North Carolina-Duke showdown Wednesday evening, ready to re-entertain the Worldwide Leader’s viewing masses. The Dickster returns to press row for the first time in over two months, after undergoing surgery to remove ulcers from his vocal chords.

Now with a tenderized throat, Vitale says he hopes to avoid working doubleheaders and back-to-back games, as a relief to himself - and to all of us. But Dick tells the LOS ANGELES TIMES he doesn’t plan a drastic change of his announcing ardour: “I’ll always be raspy. Hey, Rod Stewart’s raspy and he makes millions of dollars.”

Dick Vitale Rod Stewart

Can’t wait for Dickie’s next visit to Durham, where he’ll croon the Cameron Crazies with his own touching version of “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?“.

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