DFW TV Guy: Cowboys Might As Well Sign Osama

Dale Hansen, a former radio color commentator for the Dallas Cowboys and longtime Metroplex TV sports commentator who’s classy enough to get his signature on screen during his segments, is none too pleased about the Cowboys trading for Adam “Pacman” Jones.

Dale Hansen What Do I Have To Do To Get Fired?

(Hansen: Distended Feedbag Has Warded Off Attempted Firing Over The Years )

DEUCE OF DAVENPORT digs up the clip of Hansen bemoaning the recent direction of “America’s Team” that has pursued such ne’er-do-wells as Tank Johnson, Terrell Owens and now Pacman. It being Texas, there’s some casual racism thrown in just for fun. (video after the jump)

Osama is really 6′4″? You don’t say? What was his 40 time? Sure, he’s a little on the old side and a lot on the terrorist side, but I’m sure Double J, Jerry Jones can overlook that. At least Al Davis could.

Not only is Hansen pretty bad with history - the Cowboys had plenty of troublemakers in their two golden ages in the ’70s and ’90s - but his facility with insults (notice how he delights in using the term “gay” rather than just saying Owens bashes teammates) coupled with his permissive attitude on good old fashioned Texas justice (”some laws are like records,they’re meant to be broken”) leads me to think this is some misplaced sanctimony.

Oh, that and he has a illustrious record of saying all sorts of crazygonuts things. Behold: