Dez Bryant Says ‘Suspension Not For The Season’

Dez Bryant wrote a message on his Facebook page today that confirmed what some have suspected: Bryant’s suspension was the result of Oklahoma State trying to end his relationship with Deion Sanders, not an NCAA rules violation.

Dez Bryant Facebook Page

Bryant’s message on Facebook, via THE BIG LEAD:

This is why I’m suspended…..I went to Deion sanders house ….and the NCAA found out…..they ask me if I been to his house I told them no…I thought it was a violation…but it wasn’t… so I told them I went to his house… I lied to …them and I shouldn’t have….and I’m not suspended for the rest of the season….I’m sorry osu!!

So Bryant gets a hand-slap in order to get him to STOP TALKING TO DEION. I’m guessing he’ll only miss this Saturday’s game at Texas A&M. And most likely it isn’t a coincidence that the Cowboys have a relatively easy game this week.

Also, it appears Bryant has deleted his Facebook account. At least at the moment, I can’t access his page.

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