Developing: John Daly’s Followers Own Phones

John Daly lashed out at Garry Smits of the FLORIDA TIMES-UNION Tuesday on Twitter after Smits reported the news of his PGA Tour personnel file being released. All 456 pages of it.

John Daly gives out Garry Smits cell phone # on Twitter

 (JD’s file: Tour to need more horsepower for hole-punch)

Daly has since deleted two of the three Tweets he posted listing Smits’ cellphone number to his nearly 50,000 followers.

So why Smits?

He works for the newspaper that obtained Daly’s file. A file that it procured only after Daly sued the newspaper’s parent company in 2005.

The other irony lost on Daly is that Smits’ piece led to more interest in his wretched reality show - which apparently debuted last night.