Devean George Can Block A Trade? Seriously?

Who’s the unknown role-player putting the kibosh on the deal that would send Jason Kidd back to Dallas with Malik Allen? This guy, right here:

Devean George

Due to injuries, Mavs swingman Devean George has been starting lately, and seems to like his situation — thus, he is exercising his “Larry Bird rights” and saying no to being dealt along with Devin Harris, Jerry Stackhouse, 2 others, draft picks and cash, according to the DALLAS MORNING NEWS.

What are Larry Bird rights? Glad you asked. Per ESPN’s Marc Stein:

Although Kobe Bryant is the only player in the league with a specific no-trade clause in his contract, league rules dictate that players on a one-year contract — but who are also eligible for Early Bird free-agent rights at the end of the contract — cannot be traded without their consent. George, who earns $2.4 million this season, is one of 18 such players in the league at present, afforded the right to either approve or veto trades because those Bird rights are lost if they do get traded.

The Celtics were given an exemption to the salary cap to re-sign the Hick from French Lick back in the day, giving the rule its name — allowing teams to sign its own veterans while exceeding the salary cap.

George is exercising those rights, looking for advantages going into free agency. However smart that is for him as an individual (I never begrudge an athlete doing what’s right for him financially; teams will screw you over with impunity), it’s not making him any new fans, with the trade looking dead in the water:

The 6-8 swingman said he sees this situation as part of the job, that nobody thinks twice about a team trading a player or waiving a player. But when the situation is reversed, and the player has a right to certain leverage, sometimes that doesn’t get the same respect in a court of public opinion.

George said he heard some catcalls from the home fans at American Airlines Center.

“Yeah, I heard, ‘Quit being selfish. Come on. We want Kidd.’ It was disruptive for everybody, not just me,” he said. “I don’t know when it will happen.”

George went 0-for-11 shooting in the Mavs’ win over Portland. Instant karma’s gonna get you!