Smile, Ladies! You’re On Tigers’ Candid Camera

• A woman suing the Detroit Tigers says female fans better cover up when they come out to Comerica Park.

Detroit Tigers camera girl

Kevin Love gets a chuckle out of an Oregon fan losing his car over his foul fingering.

• The Oakland A’s will always remember the toilets of Tokyo.

• Meanwhile, Charlie Manuel once had his own wet adventures in Japan.

Hideki Matsui getting married? You bet! Or actually, he bets.

Pat Riley shoots back at Shaq’s Heat-ed attacks.

Pat Riley Shaq seated

• Researchers are reeling close to the reality of self-fishing fish.

• Missouri likes to start their MMA fighters young.

• Some college football coaches are supporting the troops by taking a trip to the Middle East.

• Thank you for not smoking at NASCAR events in Tennessee.