Detroit Lions Tell Radio Station to Stop Using Their Name

COWARDLY LIONS TELL RADIO SHOW TO STOP USING NAME: The Detroit Lions are tyring to muzzle a radio station from using their name:

Detroit Lions mascot WDFN

The DETROIT NEWS hears static that the NFL franchise is telling WDFN to stop calling one of their programs “The Lions Post Game Show”. Turns out the team thinks only their flagship station WXYT should be allowed to mention the moniker.

Program co-host Sean Baligian is taking the trademarked termination in stride, turning to the listeners to get some alternate show titles. Some of the more print-friendly suggestions include “Motown Pumas”, “Cornbread Corner” and “The Circus Clown Postgame Show”.

Baligian believes the banishment to be a benefit: “It’s radio gold, pure radio gold. I don’t even have to do much here. The Lions did it all for me. Can I still use the word Detroit?

What’s with Lions leaning on legalities this season? Earlier, the Penn State Nittany Lions ceased and desisted an elementary school from using their logo.

Matt Millen

You would think a team like Detroit would want to avoid any adverse publicity, now that they’re actually doing well. Then again, this is the same squad that keeps Matt Millen employed.