Detroit NFL Team Hates Fans & We’re Not Lion

What keeps the Virgin Islands such a Caribbean paradise? Anti-personnel wire!

• This ticket tale pretty much sums up the Detroit Lions organization.

Detroit Lions Fire Millen fan

Tim Duncan welcomes you to St. Croix! And don’t forget to drive on the left!

• Some NBA’ers buy their moms homes & cars - Dwyane Wade bought his mom a church.

Jason Taylor wants to be remembered more for his work on the grand stage than the gridiron.

Glenn Dorsey is the Imelda Marcos of the Bayou.

Buzz Bissinger has a new bud in a Brewers beat writer.

• Bucs coach Jon Gruden had the balls to work under Bob Knight during the Hoosiers’ 1975-76 undefeated season.

A.J. Foyt IV was on fire Sunday, thanks to an unsecured fuel tank cap.

• Whoever keeps vandalizing Torrey Pines is in a hole lot of trouble.

• Want some primo Lakers seats? This guy can hook you up, provided that TMZ knows who the hell you are).

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