Details Of My Life Interesting? Don’t Answer That

I’ve officially succumbed to Twitter. My only wish is it had a feature that blocks one’s ability to Tweet after say, midnight local time. For obvious reasons. App? Anyone?

Brooks shooting SbB Girls in Maui

(You’ll have to pry my camera away from my cold, dead hands, babo)

We’re about done upgrading SbB server capacity, so the annoying site slowdowns will soon be a thing of the past. Thanks to our tech J.P., and Christian and Devon at Servint for their tireless work during this process.

I’ve been with Servint for seven years and they have been magnificent. If you are looking for a host, I highly recommend them. You can email Devon at to inquire about their services.

We will be upgrading Word Press this week, so there may be some very minor service interruptions here and there, but it’s badly needed and a small price to pay.

We’re starting to see a surge in commenting, and for that reason we will be installing a spiffy new comment system once the WP upgrade is complete. The honorable Pete Gaines will be running the comment system for us.

Rick Chandler and Adam Jacobi are now writing for us full time, and I recently promoted them to Associate Editor. Jason Kaifesh continues to be our Editorial Director. We’ll have a masthead up on the site soon.

We’re also sprucing up the site with a new logo, background and Word Press theme. The logo and background should be good to go in a few days. The overall theme will come shortly after that. Very excited it. It won’t be a huge change, more spit and polish. Long overdue.

As far as the SbB Girls go, regular updates will return at some point. We may create another site to host the girls as well, but I think they will always have a presence here too.

Right now we’re trying to get the loose ends of the editorial area tied up first. I do have a mountain of never-before-seen content that eventually will see the light of day, just be patient. I’m also shooting some amazing new SbB Girls for when we relaunch updates. (Crying in the comments about lack of updates will not make things happen any faster.)