Despite What You Heard, Sam Perkins Is Not Dead

Contrary to popular belief, Sam Perkins is very much alive. The reports of his demise? Greatly exaggerated indeed. What? You didn’t know? America thought the guy kicked the bucket for a few hours on Sunday.

Sam Perkins

850 THE BUZZ crashes the funeral and tells us that the translated report posted by a foreign news corporation (well, posted in another language obviously) was not exactly “correct”:

Bishkek. August 24. INTERFAX - on board crashed under Bishkekom Boeing-737 airplanes could stay two famous American basketball NBA, told journalists Director General Federation of basketball Kyrgyzstan Oleg Putilov.

“According to my information, players Samuel Perkins and Rebecca Bonner, who were in Bishkek and the town of Kant master classes, were to depart today from Bishkek in Iran - where they took place some competition. Until this all that I know. Ne I can dial up to the rest of his colleagues, “- O. Putilov told reporters.

Bear in mind that Putilov’s information isn’t incorrect, it’s just that the translation was incorrect. Right? Or not, considering that I find it reasonably hard to believe that “Samuel Perkins” can be misconstrued from some sort of standard verbiage in any other language.

Thankfully, the press corps (this is what we do, people) stepped up, as RUETERS kept calling the American Embassy in Kyrgyzstan until they caved and admitted that Big Smooth was nowhere near the plane.

A Reuters report said the U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan denied Perkins and Bonner were on the ill-fated flight. They said the two flew home from Kazakhstan, which neighbors Kyrgyzstan to the west.

An erroneous report by a Russian newspaper placed UNC basketball great Sam Perkins aboard the plane that crashed in Kyrgyzstan and killed 68 people Sunday. Perkins and Stanford’s Rebecca Bonner were in the country, which borders China, as part of of the International Sports Initiative sponsored by the U.S. State Department.

Since people passed along from this life, I’m going to avoid making any Borat jokes (not to mention they stopped being funny about 14 months ago), but I would like to point out that it’s fantastic that Smooth (and Bonner) are overseas spreading goodwill through basketball. Almost as awesome as it is that they’re still alive.