Despite Gold, Coach K Still Stinks And He Knows It

Pretty much everything about appearance is public perception. This is why Mike Krzyzewski seems like such a nice person in public and always makes sure to swear under his breath.

K and Battier

(”So … roll it up and down underneath your armpit, right?”)

But as Joe Ovies at 850 THE BUZZ points out, if you accidentally mike up Coach K, you’re going to get some unfiltered noise. Like, for instance, him telling LeBron James about his personal odiforousness-ness.

Which is what happens, via Chad Ford’s column on ESPN, when someone left the sound on after the gold medal win:

Many of the Americans had flags draped over their shoulders and around their waists as they paraded 12 strong into the interview room, sliding behind the long table that served as a podium, not realizing the microphones were picking up what they were saying.

“I’m oldest. I get to sit down,” (Jason) Kidd said, surveying the seven chairs for 13 bodies.

“You may not want to sit next to me, I smell like s—,” Coach K said as he seated James to his right and (Kobe) Bryant to his left.

Not that it matters, but wouldn’t Bron and Kobe smell a lot worse than Krujewooski?

What does matter is that this is a perfect example of what a filth-box of a mouth Coach K has. (Actually that’s not important either, because we’re all tremendously blinded by gold at this point, and rightfully so.) He’s been known for years around the ACC as a guy who will smile at an official while telling him to get f***ed.

It’s not to say he’s a bad person — if swearing constituted such moral fiber, I’d be in deep s*** — but it’s still amusing to hear what such a “leader of men” says when he thinks no one’s listening. Of course, when he bounces from Duke next year to coach in the NBA, no one will really care what he says to his players for motivation.