DeShawn Needs To Work On Timing Of His Taunts

DeShawn Stevenson really needs to work on his taunting. During Game 2 last night against the Cavaliers, the Wizards player had just knocked down a three, when he proceeded to blow on his fingers as if he’s “on fire“:

(Video courtesy of the indispensable ODENIZED)

Just one problem - even after Stevenson’s shot, his team was still down by 16. And DeShawn’s superego was quickly extinguished, when LeBron James immediately answered with his own three. Then Marv Albert shared some fun facts that made D.S.’ taunt look even more like B.S.

The TNT play-by-player told viewers at home that Stevenson was not only 1 for 9 in Game 1, but that over the past two seasons his playoff shooting performance has been a pitiful 10 for 55.

Finally, DeShawn was shown to be the complete fool when the Wizards finally lost 116-86, their 8th straight playoff defeat to the Cavs, and Cleveland’s highest margin of victory in their post-season history.

But such antics don’t seem so surprising from Stevenson, the same player who gave Cleveland plenty of bulletin board material by calling LeBron “overrrated”.

And his Washington teammates haven’t acted any better. Gilbert Arenas had called out the then-struggling Cavs before their series started, stating, “I think everybody wants Cleveland in that first round.”

Meanwhile, Brendan Haywood let his actions do the trash talking, as he gave James a hard shove under the basket:

(Video courtesy of the CLEVELAND PLAIN-DEALER)

As a result, Haywood was hauled off the hardwood, getting a flagrant foul & ejection. And LeBron didn’t appreciate the tough love tap, saying such a shove “was not a basketball play at all, in no shape or form.”

Now down 2-0 in the series, the Wizards better find some other way to turn their fortunes around, as their black magic tactics aren’t working.