DeSean Jackson Has A History Of Messing Up TDs

A friend of mine went into last night’s Monday Night Football game with a five-point deficit in his fantasy football game, and in his league, the only thing you get points for is touchdowns. He had one player active last night, and it was Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

So when Donovan McNabb hit Jackson streaking down the middle of the field for what looked like a sure touchdown, my buddy began celebrating as he thought he had just won his game this week. Well, much like my friend, DeSean began celebrating a bit early.   Jackson tossed the ball behind him before ever crossing the goal line, and after a challenge by the Dallas Cowboys, the touchdown call was overturned and it was Eagles ball at the one. It was probably the most bone-headed play we’re going to see in the NFL this year, but as Rich Hofmann points out, this isn’t the first time one of DeSean’s celebrations has cost his team a touchdown.

(With video of DeSean’s dumb move after the jump.)


Because what happened last night was careless and dumb - not a physical mistake, not a mental mistake caused by the stress of the moment, just showboating and dumb. Afterward, Jackson admitted that he was thinking a little about his touchdown celebration. “I still haven’t scored a touchdown, and I was excited,” he said, again.

It is not the first time in his life that something like this has happened. In high school, at a postseason all-star game in San Antonio, Jackson was voted most valuable player after a seven-catch, 141-yard day. But he also had an outrageous blemish, all about showing off: He attempted a somersault into the end zone and instead landed on the 1-yard line, costing him a touchdown.

It’s good to see DeSean learned his lesson about celebrating too early back then.

Of course, while what DeSean did on the play was a pretty dumbass thing to do, and he deserves to be called a dumbass for it, it’s not like he was the only one on that play. Let’s not forget that the referees called it a touchdown in the first place, and then there was the fact that neither Roy Williams or Pacman Jones picked the ball up after Jackson tossed it aside either.

Apparently being an idiot is contagious.