Report: Derrick Rose Gets Beat Down Over Girl

There’s a very good reason why Memphis point guard Derrick Rose, potential no. 1 pick in the NBA Draft, didn’t come forward with a press conference to announce his leaving the NCAA after one year to jump to squillions of dollars in the pros: he got roughed up over a girl, according to Gary Parrish at CBS SPORTS:

Derrick Rose Memphis

“Multiple sources close to the Memphis basketball and football programs have told that Rose was recently involved in an altercation over a girl with Tiger football player Steven Black, an altercation that — how to phrase this? — didn’t go so well for Rose. Put another way, the possible No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft spent the early part of this week looking like a person who had just been in a scrap.”

Naturally, the football player would come out the victor in this contest, if only for the clear size advantage. With that is the insistence of Rose to keep the guard up to his precious face, unguarded as it is by facemask. That’s when you can work the body, eventually opening the face back up. It’s science. Of the sweet sort.

CBS Sports could really serve us well with supplying the sort of girl that could turn future millionaire against maybe possible thousandaire. An agent needs to sit this kid down and apprise him of his holdings of permissive women in various area codes.