Lowe Blow: Dodgers Pitcher Disses On Vin Scully?

Vin Scully is a true broadcasting legend. The long-time announcer has been covering the Dodgers for decades, becoming a synonymous symbol of the team, just as much as Tommy Lasorda or Fernando Valenzuela.

Derek Lowe Vin Scully

But one member of the Blue Crew apparently isn’t tickled pink about Vin’s vaunted tenure. TRUE BLUE L.A. turns red when they hear Derek Lowe dissing on the stoic Scully.

As True Blue vents during their Vero Beach vacation:

I was talking to a guy that slings hooch at one of the local speakeasies and had Derek Lowe walk in a couple of nights ago. In addition to being with a very beautiful woman, he went on a fairly long rant about why he hates Vin Scully. D-Lowe thinks he’s past his prime and he just tells stories instead of actually calling the game.

I can forgive pretty much anything, but this might be way too big of an offense. Lowe can join Elijah Dukes on the bad citizen list.

Vin’s classic storytelling style is what makes his broadcasts so enjoyable to listen to. It’s great to hear an actual personality coming over the airwaves, and not just some cookie-cutter yakety-yakker. In fact, listening to Scully is one of the few ways to enjoy a baseball game without needing the addition of alcohol.

And what’s Lowe doing tuning in to the gamecast, anyway? Shouldn’t he be in the bullpen or the dugout, spitting tobacco & scratching himself?

Maybe Derek was just mad that Vin was the one local media member that didn’t want to shack up with him.

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