Derek Fisher Very Worried About Female Stalker

Now that the Lakers have finally put away the Jazz, Derek Fisher can concentrate on how to prepare battling his next tough opponent. Not the winner of the Rockets-Blazers series, but a woman who’s been stalking him.

Derek Fisher

TMZ has the details on a lady who calls herself Symone Fisher, a person that Derek says he has never been in a relationship with, but who has been harassing himself & his family for a few years now. It’s gotten to a point that Derek has finally had a restraining order placed on Symone.

Just how bad has the stalking been for the Lakers star?

Symone has been showing up at the Fishers’ home, sending CDs full of love songs to Derek, and claiming that the two are actually married & have kids together … because God wanted them to be together.

Oh, and there’s more:

On her MySpace page, Symone calls herself “The REAL Mrs. Fisher.” The court papers include love letters she sent him. “If I give your sexy ass my new # r u going to call me or will u send the po po after me? Meanie.” And another: “Yes, I do want to have your babies - the ones you keep showing me. Our beautiful sons. Place them in my womb now.”

TMZ further writes that Symone “may have mental issues“. Ya think?

And I thought MySpace was only used for good, wholesome purposes - like bringing MMA fighters & porn stars together.