Derby Dressing Is Ridiculous, Rain, Mud Or Shine

As always, the reach of SbB stretches across the country, and last time we checked, Louisville is still in the country. So, as the Derby closes in on the starting horn, we bring you some of the day’s best, in the form of photos from the red carpet and infield.

shawn marion derby suit

And what kind of a big event would it be if Shawn Marion wasn’t in attendance … with his orange striped suit coat? Ummm, Shawn? Really? And on an orange shirt?

But first, if you’re still deciding who to bet on, take a look at the track. Start looking for mudders, because Lord, that’s a ton of mud.

You can’t tell too well, but that’s Al Harrington on the right of Shawn Marion. What they’re doing together, in Kentucky, is anyone’s guess. Oh wait, Derby. Right. Nevermind.

shawn marion al harrington derby

The horse you see here is Proudinsky, who will be shooting to avoid an obscure future by finding a way to place behind current favorite Friesan Fire. You know, because I Want Revenge is working himself into a lather so he can get more revenge … and oats.


Just a last second reminder before you bet: It’s gross out there. Really gross. I mean, the jockey in this shot is actually six feet tall, the bottom two feet are just stuck in the mud.

Then again, you can’t let the weather get you down. You think this guy woke up this morning and ever considered not wearing this hat because of the weather? Not a chance.

fat guy derby hat

Last second betting suggestion? Don’t count out Regal Ransom. After all, he’s owned by Sheiks from Dubai and we all know how that’s worked out for people who didn’t come through in the past.