DePaul Coach Two-Time Victim of Career Win #800

If you’re a women’s basketball coach looking to reach a milestone, try to schedule a game with Doug Bruno. The DePaul coach has fallen as victim #800 not once, but twice.

Doug Bruno Vivian Stringer

C. Vivian Stringer was the latest to clinch her 800th career win, as Rutgers beat the Blue Demons 60-46 Wednesday night. Previously, Bruno was pummeled by Pat Summitt when the Tennessee coach grabbed her own 800th victory.

Doug & the Demons were courteous enough to give Stringer a pre-game handshake. And Vivian’s players & fans gave her much more post-game.

The Scarlet Knights presented Vivian with the game ball, while each player gave their coach a red rose. Meanwhile, the Rutgers crowd gave Vivian a standing ovation and chanted her initials - which likely made this drug store chain very happy.

Stringer joins Summitt and retired Texas coach Jody Conradt as the only women’s b-ball coaches to hit the 800-win plateau. Before landing in Piscataway, Vivian led teams at Iowa and Cheyney University - where she shared the gym with Temple legend John Chaney.

No word on if she ever threatened to kill anybody. Well, maybe Dom Imus.