Lawsuit: Northcutt Had Pregnant Girlfriend Beaten

There’s been a long and storied history of NFL players using & abusing their girlfriends, and the latest is quite a doozy. A lawsuit has been filed against Dennis Northcutt, accusing the Jacksonville Jaguars receiver of getting his cousin to beat up his pregnant girlfriend.

Dennis Northcutt Jacksonville Jaguars

Wait, what?

According to TMZ, the lawsuit states that Northcutt “got his cousin to ‘maliciously assault, beat, strike and batter Plaintiff, her face and head with great force and violence … causing severe and permanent disfigurement to her face.’”

As you’d expect, Northcutt’s lawyer has already responded with a blanket denial of all charges:

Northcutt’s sports agent, Jerome Stanley, told TMZ, “This was nothing but a desperate shakedown by a jilted ex-girlfriend who is claiming to be pregnant with his child.” Stanley says [Sharri] Henry is upset because Northcutt dumped her for another girl. As for the assault, Stanley says, “She verbally antagonized the guy who hit her.” He says Northcutt knew nothing about the attack until after it happened.

And, since TMZ is apparently all over this, they also have the rebuttal to the rebuttal:

Henry’s lawyer, Loyst P. Fletcher, just gave TMZ the following statement: “Mr. Northcutt and his entourage, which included his current girlfriend, were apparently angry that Ms. Henry refused to abort a child that she believed he fathered. Words were exchanged and a member of that entourage, whom we believe is Mr. Northcutt’s cousin, viciously attacked Ms. Henry.” She’s now 7 months pregnant.

Of course, while no story about “pregnant girlfriend hitting” is normal, this one is particularly odd due to the involvement of this “cousin” character, whoever he is. Best sit back and let this one kind of clear itself up over the next few days.

No word yet on how this will affect Northcutt’s fantasy football ratings. (He’s currently the 123rd-ranked WR over at ESPN.)

These wild wideouts like Dennis should really consider giving eHarmony’s 29 Dimensions of Compatbility a try.