Dennis Miller Riffs On His Days In The Monday Night Football Booth

MILLER RIFFS ON HIS DAYS IN THE MONDAY NIGHT BOOTH: As Joe Theismann frets and fumes over his ESPN dismissal, another ex-Monday Nighter revisits his glory days:

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In a Q&A with SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, former ‘MNF’ analyst Dennis Miller talks about his experiences in the booth. He says his favorite ploy was to try and get on-air reactions from Al Michaels.Miller’s fondest game-time memory was his comment while a player was getting his ankled wrapped. He told Michaels, “I haven’t seen that much fabric used since the environmental artist Christo wrapped Pont Neuf in Paris.”

Al Michaels Cleveland Nun

Al turned off his mike, then turned to Miller and said, “What the f— are you talking about?“(Coincidentally, that was the usual viewer response during Dennis’ two-year stay.)

Anyway, Miller also touches on the touchy subject of Joe’s jolt from the Monday Night mantle:

At first he used to drive me crazy, but I would tell myself, ‘Anyone who throws for 560 in a game at Notre Dame, you have to respect.’ But then I got to know him a little and I thought his on-air stuff got better.

Joe Theismann Joe Namath

“Obviously, it came down to a him or Tony (Kornheiser) thing and I don’t quite know what the machinations were, but believe me, I sniffed around. That story is on deep background.”

Sounds mysterious. Or maybe they just didn’t like him.