Hopper Helps Indianapolis Score 2012 Super Bowl

Don’t forget to tune into tonight’s big event - the “Dancing With The Stars” finale! Oh, and there’s also some kind of lottery we’re feeling Bullish about.

• Indianapolis gets the 2012 Super Bowl. Thanks, Dennis Hopper!

Dennis Hopper Easy Rider

(”Which way to Lucas Oil Stadium?“)

• A Swedish sprinter isn’t satisfied with being shown in Scotland as a “floozie with big boobs.”

• Know who else thinks Brett Favre is coming back? Peyton Manning.

• Monday was a special night for both Jon Lester and Jason Varitek.

• Nude ice showers? Bed chains? Are we talking English soccer fans in Moscow, or Max Mosley’s last party?

• Geez, just how much stuff is buried in the new Yankee Stadium?

Sir Charles claims he’ll keep his distance from casinos for the time being.

• The Lakers & Spurs could be grounded for Game 7 (if necessary).

Craig Biggio’s back in baseball, coaching his son’s high school squad.

• We still like Andruw Jones, golf ball-sized warts and all.