Denard And Tom Brady More Alike Than We Knew

This stellar wallpaper of Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson was made by a regular at

Denard Robinson Action Figure


How on earth did they do that?

Turns out the action figure is real, repurposed from a Tom Brady Michigan figurine:

Tom Brady Denard Robinson action figures

Here’s a thumbnail explanation from the artist:

I’m pretty tired from several late nights obsessing over every little detail (Exactly how much tape shows over Denard’s left sock? Is his left or right wristband blue? How many little holes are in his chin strap?) so I don’t have time now for a full behind-the-scenes feature but I can tell those of you who are interested that the action figure is a store-bought and modified Tom Brady, that the dreads came from a Troy P0lamalu action figure, that all of the modifications were done in Photoshop and that someday (probably the bye week) I will be publishing a step-by-step blog post that shows the makeover in unnecessarily and obsessively fine detail.

Somehow I think Terrelle Pryor from a repurposed Craig Krenzel wouldn’t be nearly as cool.