Delaware Soccer Player Takes A Bite Out Of Ref

Usually, soccer hooliganism is restricted to Europeans, since most of us on this side of the pond couldn’t be bothered to get that riled up. However, as you get ready to watch the Netherlands take on Russia in the Euro 2008 quarters, consider this story out of Delaware where one player objected to a red card in a fairly aggressive manner.

Soccer Player Biting Ref

Most players are likely to give the ref a piece of his or her mind when tossed, but Philly’s WCAU NBC 10 reports that New Castle County police arrested a man named Rannord A. Jones after he decided to object to an unsportsmanlike conduct call with even more unsportsmanlike conduct: biting the ref in the face.

“The player was so enraged that he just savagely attacked the official, biting him almost in an animal manner about the chin,” Cpl. Trinidad Navarro said.

[Rob] Traynor described what he saw: “The ref went down. He grabbed his chin and went down on one knee like he was hurt, and I thought he was almost like faking it. And then I looked, and there was blood pouring out.”"It’s very bizarre,” [Dave] Dease said. “I’ve seen a lot of things in my day, but I’ve never seen someone get bit in the face.”

Jones turned himself in to police and now faces charges of felony assault as well as making threats. A piece of his mind and a piece of the ref’s face. Man, even Mike Tyson and Zinedine Zidane think that’s excessive.