Delaware Receiver Arrested For Stabbing Himself

On the evening of May 30, University of Delaware wide receiver Mark Duncan staggered to the emergency room in his college town of Newark after being stabbed. Duncan was Delaware’s leading receiver last year and ran a kickoff back for a touchdown in the 2007 national championship game. Six weeks after the incident, someone’s finally been arrested in connection with the assault — him! Wha?

Mark Duncan Delaware receiver

While it’s still not clear exactly how Duncan ended up with a hole in his side, police have determined that none of the various stories Duncan came up with (and there were a few just that night) have checked out. And they aren’t too happy about wasting their time looking for a stabber that doesn’t exist.

According to DELAWARE ONLINE, the blood loss must’ve gotten to Duncan, as he couldn’t settle on a story of what exactly happened:

Newark police charged Duncan with falsely reporting an incident and hindering prosecution. Duncan had gone to Christiana Hospital and told state police he was stabbed while playing basketball on campus that Saturday. Police said he later changed the story and said he was stabbed while walking on Cleveland Avenue and knew his attacker, but would not name the person. Duncan checked himself out of the hospital without being treated and a Newark police officer who had been called to the hospital convinced him to go back for treatment. Duncan later changed the story again, claiming he’d been jumped by four unknown assailants on Cleveland Avenue, according to police.

Newark police issued an arrest warrant after determining that he’d switched his story too many times. Duncan surrendered to police Thursday. He was released and will have a court date.

Alright, so we know how Duncan wasn’t stabbed. We just have no idea what actually happened to him. The real answer is either really embarrassing or it’s something he needs to keep away from the police for one reason or another, like a gambling debt or some other situation where he’s involved in something illegal.

Or, he could’ve just rolled over on a steak knife looking for his remote in the couch cushions. But would it really be worth a misdemeanor charge to save face?

Whatever it is, he’s not having a good summer. Nothing like getting arrested for your own stab wound. I’m sure he wants to just put all of this behind him, which might be kind of tough when he’s being referred to as one of the Blue Hens’ “top weapons.”