Del Rio Burns Late Night Oil At Jaguars Stadium

First Coast News in Jacksonville has video of Jack Del Rio leaving Jacksonville Municipal Stadium Monday night while reporting:

Amidst rumors that he’s a candidate for the vacant head coaching job at the University of Southern California, Jack Del Rio put in a few extra hours at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium on Monday night.

Jack Del Rio last one to leave at Jacksonville Municpal Stadium on Monday Night

(Vid link)

Del Rio was one of the last people to leave the stadium on Monday night. He walked to his car at 9:30 p.m., and as you’ll see in the video clip attached to this story, he didn’t exactly answer a question regarding his interest level in the USC job.

Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver was not at the stadium on Monday. He is expected to meet with Del Rio on Tuesday. This meeting has been planned since last week before Pete Carroll left USC to become the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks.

In the vid clip, Jax camera guy asked Del Rio, “any interest in the USC job?

Del Rio responded with, “you guys are brave out here in the cold.” The coach then chuckled nervously and was heard saying into his phone loudly as he walked away, “Hey hun, just giving you a call.

Yeah, I want my life back too.

If only Jax camdude had been injected with the personal space invader serum TMZ gives its crew. He let Del Rio blow past him with about as much pursuit as Herm is getting these days for NFL head coaching jobs.

So why was Del Rio up so late? Mind runs wild, no point in speculating. But based on what may happen tomorrow, probably won’t end up being a coincidence.

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