NFL RB Killer To Be Released From Prison Today

Do you remember Deidra Lane? It has been awhile since she was in the headlines, so maybe you need a refresher course. Lane is the woman who, back in 2000, murdered her husband, Carolina Panthers running back Fred Lane, in their home.

Deidra Lane

While Lane said at the time that she killed her husband in self defense as he had become abusive to her, Fred Lane’s attorneys said she did it in hopes of cashing in on a $5 million life insurance policy after she found out he was going to leave her. We can’t be sure who was telling the truth, but Deidra did plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter in 2003 and has been in prison ever since. Well, at least until this morning.


Keith Acree, a spokesman for the N.C. Department of Correction, said Deidra Lane has been a well-behaved inmate. She had two minor infractions, prison records show. Both occurred in March 2004 while she ran a prison canteen. She was accused of having possession of $45 belonging to another inmate and suspected of engaging in an improper transaction with the inmate.

“To only have two minor infractions over that time is a pretty good behavior record,” Acree said.

Deidra Lane is expected to walk out of the Raleigh Correctional Center for Women this morning. One of her parents is expected to pick her up, Acree said.

Lane isn’t totally free from all of this, however, as she will have to spend the next nine months being supervised by probation officers. She also would like to have her supervision moved to South Carolina to be closer to her parents, but is awaiting approval.

I’m not sure she’ll get it considering her family’s past. Deidra isn’t the only criminal in the group, as her brother is currently serving a 114-year sentence after being convicted of five bank robberies. So just to be clear, if you kill a man you’ll spend six years in prison. Rob a bank or five, you’re gone for life.

Seems fair. I mean, those banks were planning on using that money for a corporate retreat.