Defending The ‘63 Kansas City Chiefs? Impossible

Ange Coniglio of tips us off today to some awe-inspiring American Football League “Program Art” from the early 1960s.

AFL Program Art

The art is only a small part of an astounding sports image collection located at Mark Bolding’s website.

Bud Adams Lamar Hunt AFL Cartoon

Being from Kansas City, I was particularly interested in the cartoons that included the Chiefs.

1963 AFL Program Art: Chiefs vs Patriots

The Chiefs caricatures are wonderfully drawn but could never, ever be presented now as they were 50 years ago.

AFL Program Art: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills

More comic than maliciously offensive, at least to me, I can’t help but enjoy them while recognizing that to produce them today would be inappropriate.

Chiefs Patriots AFL Program Art

There’s lots more prints of all the AFL teams, including this priceless, half-century old Houston Oilers Christmas card from current Titans Owner Bud Adams.

Bud Adams Christmas Card

Knock yerself out.