Declawed: Millen Finally Removed From Lions’ Lair

Matt Millen is finally moved out of Motor City. Guess the Lions won’t be drafting any more wide receivers anytime soon.

Detroit Lions Fire Millen fan

Erik Johnson of the St. Louis Blues has his season end before it even begins, thanks to his faulty footwork while driving a golf cart.

• Want to know the secret of Terrell Owens’ success? Read the book - and buy his energy drink.

Plaxico Burress has done so much for the New York Giants, that he’s been given a two-week break - without pay.

• The Tampa Bay Rays can’t decide who’s worthy of tossing out their first-ever postseason pitch. Any ideas?

• A junior college football coach gets suspended for allowing a registered sex offender on the team.

• In other grotesque gridiron news, a high school football team in New Mexico is the latest program to deal with a horrendous hazing scandal.

• London Olympic organizers are flush with pride that some of their toilets won’t be facing Mecca.

• Researchers at Boston University have a simple request to retired NFL players: BRAAAAAIIIIINNNNS!

Al Harris really wanted to play this weekend - spleen or no spleen!