We Were Wrong And Clemens’ Counsel Was Right

Rep. Henry Waxman of California to the NEW YORK TIMES today on Roger Clemens’ congressional hearing, ā€œIā€™m sorry we had the hearing. I regret that we had the hearing. And the only reason we had the hearing was because Roger Clemens and his lawyers insisted on it.ā€

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Waxman oversaw the hearing, which he claims “sullied” Clemens and unnecessarily embarrassed Brian McNamee. He also claims that because of the hearing, 90% of the public now doesn’t believe the former pitcher.

To us, the only thing the hearing proved was we were wrong about Clemens’ counsel, Rusty Hardin.

Hardin, who we’ve all vilified for what we thought was bad legal advice to Clemens, made the call to drag the now-bloated Texan in front of Congress, and it paid off in spades.

What the proceedings did was, in our opinion, convinced federal prosecutors that Brian McNamee was not a fit witness in a potential trial proceeding. For Hardin, this was all about keeping Clemens out of prison, not reclaiming his reputation. The Feds don’t lose, so after McNamee was made out to be a greezebag on Wednesday on The Hill, they weren’t about to take him on as their star witness against Clemens.

It’s been a given for some time that Clemens wouldn’t make the Hall of Fame in our lifetime, but thanks to Hardin’s advice, he also won’t soon be seen puttering around a minimum security federal correctional facility somewhere in West Virginia.

We don’t think Clemens should’ve been jailed in the first place, seeing as there were probably 150-200 players doing the same thing he was at the same time. But we haven’t minded his public disgrace, either.

We’ve always known he was a fraud in the way he touted his workouts, which for some reason always left him with a gigantic boiler midway through the season. It seemed obvious to us that the only time he worked out was when the cameras were on.

Debbie Clemens Jessica Canseco Compare Racks

So, thankfully, we’ve reached a resolution in the Clemens case. But we will miss seeing Rusty Hardin’s hairpiece and ever-cheerful gait and hearing about Debbie Clemens flashing her rack to Roger’s former teammates.

It’s time to move on … Batter Up, Barry!