From NYC? Hopelessly Lost? Blame The PAC-10

During a recent press conference to announce the new divisional format for future Pac-12 football play, Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott provided us with a handy map denoting the north and south division school breakout.

Pac 10 Map Geographically Inaccurate

After the divisional split was announced, Arizona State Athletic Director Lisa Love said of the geographic makeup of the north and south divisions:

If you were just looking at a map, you’d look at something that makes complete sense.

You have a group of schools that fit naturally into a southern section and schools that fit naturally into a northern section.

If you were watching the divisions from, say, New York City, you’d have an idea of what that southern division looks like, so it’s as it should be and an excellent split for the league.

So “complete sense” to Love means placing Utah, which is 240 miles north of Stanford and Cal, in the south division while the Cardinal and Bears are relegated to the north division. Colorado’s Boulder campus by Love’s logic is also a “natural fit” in the south division despite being located north of Cal and Stanford.

More like “complete nonsense.”

James Day of the SALEM (OR) STATESMAN-JOURNAL wasn’t the only one who noticed the PAC-10’s intellectual dishonesty:

As part of its announcement, the Pac-10 also released a map which shows the locations of the 12 schools. It’s hilarious. Either the conference … goofed … or it intentionally placed Utah and Colorado much farther south than they actually are and farther south than Cal or Stanford, which is geographic nonsense.

Oh, well, let them play their games and think that we don’t know that their north-south split is meant to placate schools in California. What’s that saying … if they are willing to lie about the little stuff you’d better really watch them on the big stuff?

Okay, we all agree this isn’t that big a deal. But Day does have a point.

Let’s just hope New Yorkers, for their next trip west, don’t forget to pack the GPS.

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