Dear Mr. Fantasy: Canseco Boxes On Network TV?

You probably know by now that Jose Canseco is trying to get people to take a swing at him in the ring. He’ll be fighting former NFLer Vai Sikahema on July 12 in Atlantic City.

Jose Canseco

(At least his Bluetooth hasn’t shrunk an unprecedented amount)

Bernard Fernandez of the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS, bless his heart, somehow churns out 925(!) words on the Canseco booking. Included in the piece: “Maybe even enough interest for Feldman and Canseco to launch a nationwide tour and draw attention from network-TV types who are always looking for reality programming.”

That came from the keyboard of Fernandez, but no doubt it was Canseco who made the off-the-record suggestion. So for that, we’ll forgive the author. But as you probably know, this is one more example of Canseco making up lies that the media continues to print - and give validity to.

The rejected, injected-one has been talking for years about movie and idiot box projects that never had a prayer of getting greenlit. Yet the mainstream media continues to promote Canseco as a legit entertainment figure, instead of the obscure freakshow that he is.

After reading this latest pathetic chapter, I’m starting to wonder who is more desperate - Canseco or the media who covers him?

Or maybe it’s just that Jason Taylor, Tonya Harding and O.J. all took the weekend.