I’m Suspecting DeAngelo Hall May Dislike Al Davis

OK, I’ll admit it: I use a small radio blaring Colin Cowherd’s radio program to keep raccoons out from underneath my house (also works with Bill O’Reilly and Latin Fusion). But every once in a while something occurs that’s worth tuning in to upstairs … thank goodness DC SPORTS BOG is listening, so I don’t have to.

DeAngelo Hall, Al Davis

Here’s Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall, discussing the prospects of having Jason Campbell as the team’s No. 1 quarterback, and most interestingly, how he feels now that he’s escaped the Oakland Raiders. To say that he rips Al Davis and the Silver and Black is an understatement.

Hall was discussing Jim Zorn’s notoriously rough training camp, and was asked if the rigorous pace bothered him. Are you kidding? After what he’s been through with the Raiders?

“You know what, I heard the horror stories,” Hall continued. “Randy [Moss] told me the horror stories, Warren [Sapp] told me the horror stories, and you know, I thought maybe I could go in there and try to change things around and try to put my work ethic out there and get guys to follow. But I’ll tell you what, it starts form the top down, it definitely starts from the top down. And when you have players that can go in there and tell the owner something and he’ll go against the head coach just because he likes the player, you know, that’s when something’s wrong. And until Mr. Davis relinquishes a little bit of that power, I don’t think they’ll ever turn it around. It was definitely a tough place to play and just get guys going. Guys have been used to doing a certain thing for so long, it’s hard to go in and break the mentality.”

And yeah, Hall obviously had a public falling out with the front office, but still, these barbs have points. He sent one final volley when asked about Davis’s role in this whole thing.

“He would sit there every day and watch film of the practice in his office, and if you did something wrong, the coaches would tell you that ‘Mr. Davis didn’t like the way you read this,’ or ‘Mr. Davis didn’t like this coverage so we’re throwing this out,’ or ‘Mr. Davis wants us to do this so this is what we’re gonna do.’ You always got that every morning, because he came in after practice and kind of watched the film.”

It’s not like no one has ever criticized Davis’ meddling before — it’s not even the first time for Hall — but this still is unusual candor. It’s also, however, the kind of stark criticism that $22.5 million guaranteed can buy.

Not mentioned in the Cowherd interview: How Hall struggles in man-to-man coverage, which the Raiders insisted he play much of the time. That’s a horror story in and of itself.