Deadspin Editor Will Leitch Helps Pick Amateur B-Baller To Go Pro

DEADSPIN GURU TO HELP MAKE HOOP DREAMS COME TRUE: Will Leitch wants you to better your life in the sports world, as the DEADSPIN grand poobah will help an amateur basketball player realize their dreams of becoming pro:

Will Leitch Fletch

OUR SPORTS CENTRAL reports that Leitch will be one of five judges to select which player will be the first ever to be signed off the internet. The contest is a joint venture between Sportsvite and the American Basketball Association.

The lucky b-baller will win a chance to suit up for an ABA game and get an all expenses-paid trip to a private tryout, including a $400 per diem to pay for lunch at McDonalds…or Spago.

Sportsvite video pro-am

Those who think they have mad-enough skills to get some dollars for dunking need to upload a video of themselves to the Sportsvite site before September 14. The winner will be chosen in October.

Along with Leitch, those who’ll also judge include NBA veteran John Thomas, Mike James of the Houston Rockets, Memphis Grizzlies strength & conditioning coach Mike Curtis, and ABA Coach of the Year Will Voigt of the Vermont Frost Heaves.

Frost Heaves mascot

So, if you always wanted to shoot hoops in Montpelier and get paid for it, now’s your chance!