Dead Goat Carcass Hung Outside Wrigley Field In Apparent Cubs Curse Reversal

DEAD GOAT HUNG ON HARRY TO HELP REVERSE CUB CURSE: Some Cubs fans have taken this billy goat curse thing a little too far:

goat carcass Harry Caray statue

HOME RUN DERBY has the gruesome discovery of a dead goat hung on the Harry Caray statue outside of Wrigley Field. Chicago police cut down the carcass, which seems to be the latest and most bizarre attempt at reversing the curse.The nuttiness began in 1945, when bar owner Billy Sianis had two seats to Game 4 of the World Series and brought along his pet goat. Although the pair were let in, Sianis and friend were soon booted out by orders of the team owner. The enraged tavernkeeper then supposedly levied the curse, telling the team they would never win the World Series again.

The Cubs went on to lose Game 4, and the series - and haven’t been back to the championships since.

Billy Goat curse Cubs

The problem with the dead goat delivery to 1060 W. Addison is that it goes against the apparent curse cure. Sianis’ nephew Sam has said that the real cure would be the Cubs showing “a true sincere fondness for goats,” not just using them as a publicity ploy - or killing them.Then again, it may have been a White Sox fan who hung the goat gizzards, hoping to extend the North Siders’ misery.

Either way, PETA isn’t going to be pleased.