De La Hoya Lingerie Case Isn’t Getting Less Weird

It’s not hard to tell that Milana Dravnel and her lawyer are more interested in winning the battle of publicity and public opinion than they are in doing anything within the actual halls of justice. That big press event on Friday regarding Oscar De La Hoya and the now infamous pictures in drag? All for show. But a good show it was.

Milana Dravnel

Dravnel, looks, oh, pretty good right there. I’d dare say 40 percent of men would dress up in fishnets on her behalf.

But would they hurt her emotionally like De La Hoya did? Uh-oh. Let’s let the NEW YORK TIMES tell the story in a way only they could.

‘I’ve been hurt by Oscar,’ she told the gathered press. ‘This is my only option. I just want to move on with a positive outcome.’ Her lawyer, Salvatore Strazzullo, spelled his name for the television cameras. His watchband matched his topcoat.

‘How you doin’, guys?’ he inquired of the reporters. ‘We just want the truth to come out. We just want to restore the reputation, the integrity, of my client.’

His client — a model and a former striptease dancer once employed by the nightclub Scores — filed a $25 million lawsuit against Mr. De La Hoya in November. The suit accuses him of fraud, defamation and the infliction of emotional distress, charging that he forced Ms. Dravnel to recant a story that she told last year on the television program ‘Entertainment Tonight.’ That story concerned some photographs said to have been taken of Mr. De La Hoya one night last May at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Philadelphia. They showed Mr. De La Hoya, a 35-year-old welterweight, dressed in fishnets and a tutu. The pictures, as they sometimes do, found their way onto the Internet.

Oscar De La Hoya

Oh, the Internet.