De La Hoya In Court To Face Stripper Shutterbug

Remember all those lovely photos of Oscar De La Hoya in drag? Remember how the model-slash-stripper who took the pics sued the boxer for making her sign an agreement that “undervalued the photos to prospective buyers“?

Oscar de la Hoya photos dressed like a woman

Well, they’re getting back together - in court. The NEW YORK POST’S PAGE SIX develops news of Milana Dravnel and De La Hoya facing off in the halls of justice today. The meet-up is to resolve the lawsuit filed by the Siberian stripper shutterbug. And her lawyer has already thrown the first punch.

Attorney Salvatore Strazullo comments, “I hope De La Hoya is wearing something red and not revealing to the courthouse. We’ll leave that lingerie look for the jurors to see when we get to Milana’s photos.

Oscar De La Hoya

If Oscar wasn’t in a fighting mood for his possible re-match with Floyd Mayweather Jr., he will be after all this. Or he might just want to go shopping for some new stockings.