DC Radio Show Proves National Radio Isnt All Its Cracked Up To Be

WE WOULDN’T WANT A NATIONAL RADIO SHOW, EITHER: Apparently there’s a radio show in D.C. called “The Junkies”. We know this because of a MISTER IRRELEVANT post about an interview Brandon Lloyd (Redskins wide receiver) did on the show recently.

Sports Junkies Book

During the visit, Lloyd called into question Troy Aikman’s sexuality, which was duly reported by the website, run by brothers Jamie and Chris Mottram.

Jamie Mottram

Come to find out that the D.C. radio celebrities (hey, just like Greaseman!) didn’t take kindly to the Mottrams (with an assist from AWFUL ANNOUNCING) having the unmitigated gall to report on what was said on their show. So according to Chris Mottram, here was the reaction: “The Junkies referred to us as ‘faggots’ today.

That’s just the kind of entertainment value that has sports talk radio grabbing enormous audiences around the country. Wait, The Junkies don’t talk about sports anymore? Oh yeah, we only knew them when they were syndicated nationwide and known as “The Sports Junkies“.

Obviously that worked out well and lack of listenership had nothing to do with them going back to being local yocals. The development is all the more stunning when you consider their compelling on-air product, which was highlighted in the recent exchange with the Mottrams.

Nice work guys, and they sure do miss you in Des Moines!