DC Madam Deborah Jeane Claims Sports Personalities Used Escort Service

• FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE NOT WES UNSELD: “DC Madam” Deborah Jeane Palfrey, makes the shocking claim to CBSSPORTSLINE that sports personalities were clients of her escort service: “I don’t know sports but I can tell you some people in sports are going to get hit.” (we in no way are accusing Mr. Unseld of using escorts - but we are rooting for a Barney Frank outing)

• FOXSPORTS.COM GOES BREZHNEV ON US: If you’re a potty-mouthed blogger, you need not apply to FoxSports.com:

FoxSports.com Censor

• SLAP-HAPPY UNDERWATER SNAPSHOT OF OUR ROYALS: We’re happy to report Dick Kaegel of MLB.com reporting that our KC Royals are “just 12 games under .500“:

Royals Apologists

• UFC President Dana White to the CANADIAN PRESS on the lack of UFC shows north of the border: “You guys have got too much frigging hockey up there. As soon as you cancel some hockey games, we’ll be up there“.

Sean Avery

Perhaps they can meet halfway: Video Music Award aficionado Sean Avery and Todd Bertuzzi locked in the Octagon with Rampage Jackson. Our money would be on R-J.

• SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY reports that just prior to tonight’s Barry Bonds-less MLB Home Run Derby, tickets to the event “were going for an average of $284 on StubHub.com, up 21.4% from last year’s average price, with a range of $89 for standing room only to $1,375 for a seat in the left field bleachers.

This year’s Home Run Derby has already sold more than double that of last year on StubHub, based on total gross sales. Over on RazorGator.com, the average ticket for tonight’s Derby is going for $485.

• The HOUSTON CHRONICLE’s David Barron has the real reason ESPN won’t be allowed to broadcast for more than an hour from AT&T Park in San Francisco, not including the network’s Home Run Derby telecast: MLB is hacked off that ESPN announced All-Star rosters during TNT’s exclusive window last week.

• The CHARLOTTE OBSERVER reports NASCAR Craftsman Truck driver Aaron Fike was arrested Saturday in Mason, Ohio, “on charges of possession of drugs and possession of drug abuse instruments“.

Good Charlotte Tool

Drug abuse intruments“? Why does the band Good Charlotte come to mind when we hear those three words?