Blog Jam: Wright Throws Girlfriend Surprise Party

• THE BIG LEAD gives a toast to David Wright for throwing a surprise birthday party for girlfriend Molly Beers.

David Wright Molly Beers

• WITH LEATHER swears that the AL’s current All-Star success is all thanks to the potty-mouthed Ichiro Suzuki.

• DEADSPIN finds someone pleading with the Packers to put Brett Favre back in the starting lineup, and that someone is … Newt Gingrich?

• SIGNAL TO NOISE learns that the NFL doesn’t want to see its image Crip-pled by players flashing gang signs during games.

Barry may find employment after all: FOX SPORTS reports that Hideki Matsui’s injury could bring Bonds to the Bronx.

• Speaking of the Yankees, Darren Rovell of CNBC explains how Bob Sheppard could be announcing the starting lineups forever and ever.

• BABES LOVE BASEBALL feels bad that Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum wasn’t feeling good enough to attend his first All-Star Game.

• The ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION offers Georgia fans a chance to buy football season tickets, and it’ll only cost you a $10,000 personal seat license donation.