Blog-Some: Wright Wrongs Willis With Wild Words

• Too bad they’re not division foes anymore: YOU BEEN BLINDED sips on some Hater-ade, as David Wright tells Dontrelle Willis he owns him.

(Classic quip around 2:48)

• Speaking of smack, DEUCE OF DAVENPORT discovers that someone at ABC apparently appreciates Jerry Stackhouse manhandling Manu Ginobli.

• TENNIS SERVED FRESH doesn’t skirt around Nike sending out a sneak preview of Maria Sharapova’s French Open outfit.

• SIGNAL TO NOISE offers some brand new ad copy for Coack K’s next American Express spot.

• 100% INJURY RATE skates over video of the Penguins’ Jarkko Ruutu in an impromptu audition for the lead role in “David Beckham’s Ice Capades“.

• YAHOO SPORTS will have some wasabi with their Boston baked beans, as they come across a Fenway Park in Japan.

• Sacre bleu! FOOD COURT LUNCH finds a French figure skater condemning a Canadian for cowardice.

• Dough! DC SPORTS BOG tosses news that Bob Huggins & his West Virginia Mountaineers have found themselves a new favorite pizza place.

• RUMORS AND RANTS rah-rah-rats out the Indiana cheerleader who was a Hoosier in the nude.

Indiana cheerleader nude

• The CHICAGO TRIBUNE feels smart in revealing the Wonderlic scores of some NFL hopefuls.

• THE ANGRY T can’t believe what they’ve heard during March Madness.

• The SPORTING NEWS hikes word that if Texas & Oklahoma can have their football rivalry play out in Dallas, so can Texas Tech & Oklahoma State.