David Stern to Present Sonics Owner To Oklahoma Hall of Fame

STERN TO BE AT SONICS OWNER’S ENTRY INTO OKLA. H.O.F.: David Stern seems to have his mind made up about the Sonics’ possible move to Oklahoma:

David Stern

The SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER reports that the NBA commissioner will be “presenting” Sonics owner Clay Bennett into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame on Thursday night.Bennett has already filed with the league his intentions of moving the Seattle basketball club to the Sooner State.

Stern’s appearance for Bennett indicates that Clay should get the moving trucks ready. The commish has more or less given up his attempts at keeping the team in the Pacific Northwest.

Stern earlier lamented how the city of Seattle has “no heart whatsoever for assisting a Sonics team,” as they thwarted attempts to use taxpayer money for a new arena.

With Stern’s show of support for Bennett, it looks like Kevin Durant & crew will soon(er) be saying, “So long, Starbucks. Hello, barbecue.”