David Stern Doesn’t Mind Twitter, LeBron Dancing

David Stern appeared on Dan Patrick’s radio show this morning, and shared his thoughts on a wide range of crises and challenges the National Basketball Association faces for the future.

David Stern OK sign

First of, what’s with all these NBAers messing around on Twitter? Stern says he doesn’t mind if players want to share instant updates with their fans, just don’t do it in the middle of a game. (Did you hear that, Charlie Villanueva? But don’t worry, Shaq - you’re still cool.)

Stern also admits he got a chuckle from Mark Cuban claiming the NBA is making a lot of money off the new social networking technology from all the fines the league has levied on the Maverick owner for his curt Twitter comments.

And what of all this hullabaloo about LeBron & crew dancing during the Cavs’ crushing of the Celtics on Sunday? Stern reiterated his earlier stance that it really didn’t bother him that mush, adding “I’ve tried very hard just to ignore it.” In fact, he cautions the Cavs not to dance too much, as it may inspire the Celts & other teams to take it out on them the next time they hit the floor.

But Stern wasn’t so amiable about everything. He declined to consider Dan’s draft day idea of weighing & measuring potential draftees on stage in front of the draft day crowds. Maybe next year.

Stern’s full interview on Patrick’s show can be heard here.