Letterman Proudly Squawks About 10-0 Ball State

Don’t look now, but here come the Ball State Cardinals. The 10-0 monsters from the MAC are making a serious (OK, semi-serious) run at the BCS elite. It’s a long shot & many cards (excuse the pun) would have to fall into place, but the way this super silly system has worked in the past, BSU could conceivably make it to a BCS bowl.

And no one is more excited than the Muncie, IN, school’s most famous alum - David Letterman! (Cue the music, Paul.)

Ball State mascot David Letterman

Dave is so thrilled about his Birds, that he took a little time on his busy late night gabfest Wednesday night to talk a little turkey about the Cardinals.

(Video after the jump)

(Special thanks to BEWILDERED SOCIETY for the bewildering clip)

Not only does Letterman come to praise Ball State, but to bury the traditional college football powerhouses. He gleefully rattles off their blemished records in comparison to the Cardinals’ perfect slate. Oklahoma, USC, Georgia and Notre Dame fans would be less than amused.

And as the piece de resistence, Letterman reveals a very fashionable Cardinal face t-shirt, emblazoned on the back with BSU’s war cry, “Chirp! Chirp! It’s Bird Time!

If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is. That’s the most awesomest piece of collegiate apparel since that UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs shirt John Travolta wore in “Pulp Fiction“.