David Beckham Snubs Sick Kids In Australia

BECKHAM WOWS AUSSIES WHILE SNUBBING CANCER KIDS: 80,000 Aussie fans got a kick out of seeing David Beckham on Tuesday, as the L.A. Galaxy star notched a goal in an exhibition match in Sydney.

David Beckham Australia

Sadly, a group of young cancer survivors waiting to meet their favorite player didn’t get the chance. The SYDNEY MORNING HERALD reports that the soccer star blew by the cancer kids when he arrived at his hotel on Sunday.

A police escort had directed Beckham from the airport to the Star City Casino, where photographers and other throngs were waiting outside with the children. Beckham quickly flew from the car to inside the hotel, not stopping for anyone - including the kids.

Emma Byers crying Beckham fan

Especially hurt was Emma Byers, a 14-year-old leukemia survivor who burst into tears when she missed her chance to present her hero with a toy kangaroo gift.

But Becks claims he never saw the children, and said he would never purposefully snub any sick kids. He added, “I’m more than willing to meet them wherever they want and at whatever time that they want.”

Emma’s mother said she was willing to accept Beckham’s explanation: “He’d just got off a plane, and just got out of a car, not knowing where he was. I’d like to think he’s a gentleman. I’m sure that if that’s what he says, that was the case.”