Beckham Burns His Naughty Bits In Very Hot Rod

Like him or loathe him, David Beckham has set the soccer world on fire. And now it seems that his car was just trying to return the favor.

David Beckham driving thermometer

On a recent drive around Los Angeles in his custom 4×4, the Galaxy star apparently had a little trouble with the seat warmer. (Because we all know how cold it can get in L.A. during the summer.) Things got a bit too toasty for David as his undercarriage began overheating.

But let’s let Charli Morgan & Amy Watts of the DAILY STAR’S GOSS explain what happened next, in that ol’ stoic way of British tabloid storytelling:

Amused onlookers followed the scent of burning flesh across Beverly Hills, like unsavoury Bisto Kids, to find David, 33, pulled over and searching for a DIY cod-piece.

Eventually, the erotic roll-on deodorant settled for a bag of Victoria’s designer threads and put them beneath his molten manhood.

Bend Me Beckham signs

(Not tonight, ladies - David needs an icepack)

Hot times in Hollywood, indeed. And for a second opinion, here’s how one witness described Beckham’s behind-the-wheel ball burning:

“One minute he was tearing across LA, the next, he was rolling down his windows, panting and staring down at his crotch in horror.”

Seems like a typical drive in La-La-Land to us.

This week, David is about to unveil a new round of Armani underwear ads. Maybe his next set of briefs will be installed with cooling pads.

But the best part of this whole scrotum-singeing story is the name of the site where we originally spotted it:

WELT ONLINE. How perfectly apropos.