SbB To Appear Sunday Nights On KNBCs The Challenge

SbB APPEARS SUNDAY NIGHT ON KNBC’S “THE CHALLENGE”: Tonight you’ll discover our snarky visage inside your TV in Los Angeles (we’re warning you in advance), as part of KNBC’s “The Challenge”.

The Channel 4 show, hosted by Fred Roggin, airs for one hour on Sunday nights beginning after the NBC NFL football broadcast (8:30pm PT). There’s […]


SPORTSbyBROOKS Is Hiring Web Designers

NEVER MIND THE BALLGAG, WE’VE GOT REAL JOB FOR YOU! SbB will be undergoing some changes in the near future, and to assist in that complete tear-down upgrade, we’re looking for web designers proficient in the following areas:
• Dreamweaver
• WordPress
• Photoshop
• Graphic Design
• Beer top popping when we accidently buy the non-twist offs […]


Jets Fan Sues New England Patriots For Deceiving Customers

NY JETS FAN SUES PATS $184M FOR CUSTOMER DECEPTION: SbBer Mark hears the latest battle cry emitting from the stands at the Meadowlands: J-E-T-S! Sue! Sue! Sue!

FOX SPORTS reports that New York Jets season ticket holder Carl Mayer is filing a class-action suit against the New England Patriots for their spying hijinks against his team […]


Princeton Football Player Crashes Golf Cart In Front of Cop

TIGER DRAG - PRINCETON FB PLAYER CRASHES GOLF CART: A Princeton football player was arrested last weekend for drunk driving - in a golf cart:

The TRENTON (NJ) TIMES reports that Martin Jancik and a friend were carting around the New Jersey school early Sunday, when they crashed - right in front of a police car.The […]


Detroit Writer Doesnt Want Branded Bonds Ball in Hall

COLUMNIST DOESN’T WANT BRANDED BONDS BALL IN HALL: Barry Bonds’ record-breaking ball is on its merry way to the Baseball Hall of Fame. But a writer thinks Cooperstown should further mark the horsehide, “return to sender“:

Rob Parker of the DETROIT NEWS thinks it’s wrong for the Hall to accept the tainted treasure, saying it would […]


Tony Romo is a Premiere Athlete In The NFL

• The SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS finds the answer to Tony Romo’s early-season success: “It’s obvious I’m a premier athlete in this league“:

• CHICAGO BULL is in a fighting mood, as they slam down some sports-related smackdowns they’d like to see.
• Meanwhile, EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY punches out some college mascots preparing for the next […]


Belgian Tennis Players Offered Bribes To Lose Matches

BELGIAN TENNIS PLAYERS WAFFLE ON BRIBERY RACKET: Two Belgian tennis players said they were offered bribes to lose their matches:

MSNBC reports that Flemish faulter Gilles Elseneer was offered over $140,000 to lose his first round match at Wimbledon in 2005. Fellow Belgian David Norman came forward and admitted he was promised a substantial sum […]


BBC Headline Says Chuter Chooses Hairy Route In Paris

TAKING HAIRY ROUTE IN PARIS DANGEROUS PROPOSITION: The BBC sports this headline about an important decision:

So, as we understand it, some shooter chose the hairy route to play in Paris.

Is that safe?


Boston Red Sox To Sell Bleacher Seats For $550

RED SOX FLINGING OUT FURNITURE TO FAT-WALLET FANS: For $550, The Boston Red Sox invite fans to take a seat:

The BOSTON HERALD sits down to tell us that the team will be tearing out the bleacher seats - 6,507 in all - and putting in new comfy chairs for the outfield onlookers. The seats will […]


Minnesota 9-Year-Old Cited For Underage Drinking

• BIG TEN TAILGATE starts early, and we do mean early, as a Minnesota 9-year-old is cited for underage drinking:

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT presents, “Everything You Wanted To Know About Groin Injuries (But Were Afraid To Ask).”
• RIVALFISH stretches on the bench, as they peek into a day in the life of Bears non-starter Rex […]