Female Fan Singing For Mets Faith Hill Singing For NBC Football

• YOU BEEN BLINDED hits the high notes, as a Mets fan tries to rally her team through song:

• WITH LEATHER is all punchy about a 57-year-old soccer player slugging the ref during a seniors game.• AOL FANHOUSE is drawn in by news that an animated Gilbert Arenas is pitching a cartoon about his […]


Mr Woodcock Stealing From South Park Guys

‘MR. WOODCOCK’ HAS THE BALLS TO STEAL POSTER IDEA: Coming soon to a cinema near you, it’s “Mr. Woodcock”, a tour de force featuring Billy Bob Thornton, Susan Sarandon, and Stifler from “American Pie.”

From what we can piece together from the ads, it’s the story of a man belittled by his high school gym coach […]