Former Ohio State President Karen Holbrook Says Students Loved Rioting Drunken Orgies

FORMER OHIO ST PREZ: STUDENTS ENJOYED RIOTS, ORGIES: The NAPLES DAILY NEWS has an exciting breakdown of the candidates for President of Florida Gulf Coast University. One of the possibles is former Ohio State President Karen Holbrook.

While talking about her tenure at OSU, Holbrook said. “I went to Ohio State and had no idea there […]


Father Gave 13 Year Old Son Steroids To Compete In Roller Sports

BUT THE KID STILL HAS A BRIGHT FUTURE IN ROLLER DERBY: What father hasn’t dreamed of his son being a football, baseball, basketball and/or roller skating sports star? And goodness knows, in many cases Dad will do what he thinks he needs to do to make that precious dream a reality.
So we suppose this week’s […]


Playmate Wife of Chicago Bear Cyberstalked

IF WE WERE GIVEN THE NAME EDSON, WE’D BE UPSET TOO: The Chicago-area AURORA BEACON NEWS reports a “20-year-old Aurora man has been charged with felony cyberstalking after he allegedly sent threatening e-mails to a Playboy Playmate who is dating a Chicago Bears player.”

Someone named Edson Diaz sent two nasty emails to the Myspace account […]


Photo Of Todd Marinovich Flipping Off UCLA Player As USC Quarterback

As a follow up to our lovely story about that skateboarding, meth-smoking fool Todd Marinovich, Jacob sends in this vintage image of the McTasty-eschewing one:

And gives us a preview of Saturday’s USC-Idaho game, as only Fark can: “45½ pt favorite USC expects to treat Idaho like they were in an airport men’s room.” A […]


Elisha Cuthbert Dumps NY Ranger Sean Avery

NO HILTON SHACK-UP FOR AVERY AFTER CUTHBERT SPLIT: OK! MAGAZINE reports that Elisha Cuthbert has finally dumped video music award attendee and fake-tough New York Ranger winger Sean Avery, but the selfish loudmouth doesn’t seem to be to broken up about it.

Excerpt: “Don’t feel bad for Sean, who didn’t appear to be brokenhearted about the […]


Alabama Fans Mad At Police For Arresting Player

CRIMSON TIDE FANS TURNING RED AT THE THIN BLUE LINE: Some Alabama fans are upset about the latest arrest of a Crimson Tide football player. However, their anger isn’t directed at the guilty party, but at the police:

The TUSCALOOSA NEWS reports Tide fans lighting up sports radio phone lines and internet forums railing against the […]


SbB Girl Nicole New Photo Posted From Marina del Rey

New SbB Girl Nicole in Marina del Rey, CA:


Mike Tyson Poop For Purchase

• 100% INJURY RATE has the scoop on how you can own Mike Tyson’s poop:

• EVERYDAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY puts on the pounds in devouring these week 1 college football cupcakes.
• SIBERIAN BASEBALL contacts Child Services, as your kid can be under the guidance of Ozzie Guillen or Lou Piniella for a day.


Nebraska Student Responds To LA Times Slam Of Cornhusker State

WHY WE GO FOR THE CORN TORTILLAS AT EL POLLO LOCO: Pity Nick Filipowski. The columnist at the Univ. of Nebraska student newspaper (DAILY NEBRASKAN) somehow takes the bait from a tired, throwaway July 31 piece by LOS ANGELES TIMES columnist T.J. Simers.

Filipowski attempts to refute well-worn cliches cited by Simers about the Cornhusker state […]


Bernie Kosar Claims Brady Quinn Had To Be Held Down To Shave His Head

KOSAR - TEAMMATES RESTRAINED QUINN TO SHAVE HEAD: The only sports radio we’re listening to these days is afternoons on KLAC-AM with Petros Papadakis and Matt Smith. The two are unparalleled in their presentation and preparedness.

That’s kind of a boring description of the duo, but trust us, if you want to drop your digit on […]