Todd Marinovich Drug Charge After Skateboarding Escapades

SKATEBOARDING 38 YO MARINOVICH CAUGHT WITH METH: The ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER reports this evening that Todd Marinovich has been been “charged with felony drug possession and resisting a police officer“ after he was spotted by police skateboarding in an area of Newport Beach that prohibits the activity.

Excerpt: “(Marinovich) was found hiding in a carport about […]


Year Old AOL Fanhouse Covers Everything Except Huge Cheerleader Boobs

THANK GOODNESS FANHOUSE DOESN’T COVER EVERYTHING: Today is the first birthday of Jamie Mottram’s AOL Fanhouse, which has successfully replaced our sports news website bookmarks. Besides Charley Steiner’s grooming habits, they cover everything that matters in sports.

CORRECTION: We found one other thing they, thankfully, also don’t cover …


Online Auction Of Barry Bonds Record Breaking Home Run Balls Underway

ONLINE AUCTION FOR BONDS’ HR BALLS NOW UNDERWAY: David Davis of LA OBSERVED notes today tht “online bidding for Barry Bonds’ record-tying and –breaking home-run balls begins today, as Sotheby’s and SoCal-based SCP Auctions ramp up for the mid-September sale.”

The bidding takes place on the auction site for SCP, which also features fantastical items like:

“A […]


Sober Beer Pong Player Greg Oden Is A Major Buzzkill

PARTY PEOPLE BEWARE - GREG ODEN IS A MAJOR BUZZKILL: The payoff of a piece by Arash Markazi on today is this photo of Greg Oden recently playing beer pong at a Malibu beach house:

But party people beware, as Oden is a major buzzkill - considering he doesn’t drink, is an air hockey aficionado, […]


Buffalo Bills Fan Bugs Out Before Super Bowl Blowout

BUFFALO FAN BUGS OUT BEFORE SUPER BOWL BLOWOUT: One of our daily stops is EXTRA MUSTARD’s Hot Clicks feature at Today Jimmy Traina scares up an obscure video of what appears to be an overzealous Buffalo Bills fan from the ’90s:

Either that or he was a prepping American Gladiators contestant who subsequently had his […]


Minnesota Little Leaguers Seen Spitting Into Hands After World Series Loss

LITTLE LEAGUERS SPIT INTO HANDS BEFORE HANDSHAKES: Sadly, the Little League World Series has wrapped, but the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE has some news about two of the losing tournament players from Minnesota.

Apparently they were spotted (via ESPN video) spitting into their hands before exchanging handshakes with opposing (and winning) players from Arizona.
Pat Freese, vice president […]


New SbB Girl Nicole New Photo Posted

New SbB Girl Nicole in Marina del Rey, CA:


Olindo Mare Voice Displeasure About Dolphins After Getting Traded To Saints

OLINDO MARE NOT MAKING FRIENDS IN MIAMI AFTER TRADE: Kicker Olindo Mare, a 10-year veteran of the Miami Dolphins and Broward County native, was recently traded from the Fish to the New Orleans Saints.

The PALM BEACH POST today has Mare sounding surprisingly ecstatic to have escaped South Florida: “I was happy in Miami; I was […]


OJ Mayo Has First Practice With USC Basketball Team

“STREET BALL” AND NO DEFENSE GREET O.J. MAYO AT USC: The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports on the first practice of O.J. Mayo with the USC Trojans basketball team (as does the LADN) - and to no one’s surprise, Coach Tim Floyd is doing his best to downplay expectations of his one-and-done swingman: “He’s like every […]